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Job ID2203
Job TitleBilingual Sales Supervisor
LocationNew York
Job TypeFull Time
Salary$70K - $75K
Hours9:00am to 5:00pm (M-F)
Visa SupportNo
Relocation Covered 
Required Education 
Require TravelYes
Language RequirementsJapanese
Description• Continuously supervise to ensure that the Sales team is acquiring the necessary skill sets to efficiently perform their job functions and meet their department and individual goals; • Continuously supervises and assists the daily activities of all the other sales representatives, which are engaged in the promoting and selling of products and/or services; • On an on-going basis, recommend changes and/or improvements to the then current sales techniques and/or procedures, based on the team’s performance and/or new selling techniques; • Efficiently help set performance bars and strategies for the sales team, as well as coordinating territory and clients, in order to prevent overlapping; • Regularly establish sales strategies for the sales team, including extensive training, focused on product knowledge and techniques, in order for the sales team to effectively engage clients; • Regularly contact new and existing customers in order to discuss their specific needs, and to explain to them how those needs could be met by specific products and/or services; • Customarily and regularly engage in outside sales related activities, including but not limited to obtaining orders and/or contracts for services or for the use of the company facilities, while away from the employer’s place of business, including away a home office if applicable; • As required, answer any and all customers questions, including but not limited to those regarding products, prices, availability, and/or credit terms; • If and when required and/or requested, provide quote prices, credit terms, and/or bid specifications and/or any other similarly related information; • Efficiently and knowledgeably emphasize product features, based on an analyses of the customers' needs and on your technical knowledge of our services’ and product’s capabilities and limitations; • If and whenever required, negotiate prices, terms of sales and/or service agreements; • Regularly maintain and update customer records, using our automated systems; • Continuously identify new prospective customers, by using business directories, following leads from existing clients, participating in organizations and clubs, and attending seminars and conferences; • Prepare sales contracts for orders obtained, submit orders for processing, and assist in the collection of any and all outstanding account receivables (A/R), by contacting the customers directly
Requirements• Communication Skills: Must possess the ability to express yourself clearly and logically both orally and in writing, and to communicate professionally and effectively with a wide range of individuals; • Persuasion: Must possess the ability to deliberately influence others to change their minds, attitude, opinion, or behavior; • Active Listening: Must be able to: a) give full attention to what other people are saying, b) take the time to understand the points being made by others, c) ask questions as appropriate, and d) not interrupt at inappropriate times; • Social Perceptiveness: Must possess the skill of being aware of others' reactions and understanding why they react as they do, by picking up information from physical appearance, verbal, and nonverbal communication; • Reading Comprehension: Must possess the ability to understand contractual terms and conditions, pertaining to work and sales related documents, including but not limited to quotes, bids, service orders, service agreements; • Negotiation Skills: Must possess the ability to get people to settle and reconcile their differences, by compromise or agreement while avoiding arguments and disputes; • Service Oriented: Must always and actively look for ways to support those that require support, including but not limited to co-workers and customers; • Critical Thinking: Must possess the ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems; • Active Learning: Must understand the implications of new information for purposes of both current and future problem-solving and decision-making; • Coordination: Must possess the ability to adjust your actions in relation to others' actions, Including the ability to bring the different elements of a complex activity or organization into a relationship that will ensure efficiency and/or harmony; Vaild driver's license.

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